Who can join EASE

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Who can join EASE?





Universities and research institutes can apply for partnership if they meet the following criteria:


  • ◦ Innovation capacity shown by volume of third party funding, number of patents,

integration in networks, number of startups or industrial projects.


  • ◦Willingness of the institutes to open its laboratories to EASE for innovation scouting with EASE.


  • ◦The partnership is free of cost for universities and research laboratories.





  • Industry, SMEs and others doing business in the energy sector can apply for partnership.


  • ◦EASE manages the demand for innovation for the industrial partners through its partner network of the best universities

and research institutes in Europe


  • ◦Independently of the size, small and medium-sized companies together with international organizations can all be partners of EASE


  • ◦EASE guarantees to our industrial partners a constant flow of innovation developed by our research partner


  • ◦Companies will gain access to unique technological developments;

this could significantly reduce costs by not having to organise their own innovation processes.


  • ◦The industrial partners benefit from the unique chance to receive top innovation results in an early stage from our research partners.


  • ◦The industrial partners are required to pay an annual subscription.