How EASE works

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How EASE works



EASE works with highly specialized experts called ”innovation scouts”. T

hey are permanently in contact with our research partners to identify at

the earliest stages any innovation and research that may have strong market potential

or which presents value to our industrial partners..

The partners will be previously informed and put in contact with each other,

thus enabling them to find their level of interest for the proposed innovation.



EASE will:


  • ◦Bring the partners together.


  • ◦Assist all parties to formulate cooperation and to transfer the intellectual property-driven innovations and rights, including patents, trademarks and licenses.


  • ◦Have an “Innovation Fund” that will co-fund investments in new technologies and take equity in the form of share capital through for example co-financing business plans.


  • ◦Offer its department of specialists to help draft offers for our members; this, in order to respond to international, European or national calls. EASE contacts its partners to join in the consortia.


  • ◦Assist companies with specific needs for innovation or product development.


  • ◦Continue to operate as an efficient public and private sector network.